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Title: “Talk Flirty to Me”  Author: Livy Hart  Reading level: Adult 

Books of the week July 27

Title: “Talk Flirty to Me” 
Author: Livy Hart 
Reading level: Adult

When two old flames find themselves narrating a steamy audio book, things get complicated really fast. Sam and Piper hadn’t seen each other since they were teenagers; and like most teenagers, their communication skills weren’t good. Piper finds herself in a bind and Sam offers his help. With a new working relationship, an old romantic relationship reignites. By entering into a second chance romance, there’s a lot at stake. Both Sam and Piper’s careers and Piper’s family all have a lot at stake. You can read about the roller coaster Sam and Piper’s relationship goes on in the Hoopla App provided by the library.  

Title: “The Personal Librarian” 
Authors: Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray

“The Personal Librarian” is a New York Times bestseller, a Good Morning America Book Club Pick, and named the Best Book of the Year by the Washington Post. It is a well-written historical fiction book based on the remarkable life of Belle da Costa Greene, personal librarian to J. P. Morgan.  Just in her twenties, Belle is hired by Mr. Morgan and together they set a course for the Pierpont Morgan Library to hold the foremost collection of rare manuscripts, books and art.  

Set in the early 1900s, Belle soon finds herself attending opulent New York City social events, art galas and spending thousands of dollars on rare manuscripts with an eye toward curating an amazing collection of the written word and the finest art.  She becomes known for her impeccable taste, wit, charm and shrewd negotiating.  However, Belle has a secret.  She is not the white woman she portrays herself to be.  She is African-American.  Belle, carefully guards her secret knowing that if she is found out not only will she suffer, her family would suffer as well.   

Authors, Ms. Benedict and Ms. Murray, tell the story of Belle’s struggles, fears, self-sacrifice and the lengths she goes to for the protection of her family and to have the opportunity to create an extraordinary collection that became a legacy not only for J. P. Morgan, but also for herself.