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Books of the week May 25

“Every Vow You Break” 
By Peter Swanson

 Abigail is engaged to marry a millionaire named Bruce in three weeks.  At her bachelorette party, she has been drinking way too much and gives in to a one-night stand with a very convincing man named Scott.  Abigail feels terribly guilty but doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with Bruce.  The wedding goes as scheduled and then they are off to the honeymoon on a remote island that has been converted from a summer camp and is known for its “unplug and relax” rules.  No phones, no tv- just you and nature.  Sounds like a good idea, but something seems wrong from the start.  Then she sees him walk into the dining room.  Scott is here on her honeymoon?  Abigail is anxious and trying to keep it together as she wonders if this is a coincidence or if Scott is stalking her.  Things spiral quickly thereafter until you are left wondering what the real purpose is for this island getaway. 


Title: “The Cheat Sheet” 
Author:  Sarah Adams

 Bree and Nathan are been best friends for years. Life took them in different directions. Years later, they reconnected and back to the way things used to be. The only problem is that neither of them want to stay in the friend zone. They are just too scared to admit it to each other. When a video about them goes viral they concoct a fake dating relationship that ends up sending them into each other’s arms for real.  

The suspense and tension building up through out the whole book will keep you sucked in until the end. The tender, kind hearted, characters grow together and makes you fall in love with best friends to romance genre. You can find this book on both of the library’s online reading services, Hoopla and Libby.