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Special to the Enquirer  Danville High School students Alexander Resurreccion and Tommy Allred are a force behind raising awareness about local substance abuse issues.   

Danville students spread substance abuse awareness  

Alexander Resurreccion and Tommy Allred are on a mission. The Danville High School students are part of the Impact Student Leadership program through the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce, and they are spreading awareness about substance abuse in the community.  

Students in the leadership program are encouraged to choose a core problem to address with their partners.  

Resurreccion and Allred said they chose their topic because they have seen the effects of substance abuse on friends, loved ones and in their community – so they wanted to help.  

“I have personally seen the results of this kind of abuse and with friends who have become addicted, so that’s what made me want to focus on this specific topic,” Resurreccion said.  

“I haven’t seen it personally, but I know the problems it can cause in friends who are having issues with addiction,” Allred added.  

The pair said they are now focusing their efforts on what Resurreccion called the “launching phase.”  

“We want to reach out to the community and spread awareness about the issue,” he said, adding if money was no object, they would like to play a role in providing more resources for the community about help that is available for those struggling with substance abuse.  

Allred said he would like to see more rehabilitation centers available in Morgan County for those who need help. Resurreccion agreed, adding more conversation with young adults is needed on the topic.  

“I’d love to see it talked about with our target audience more – with those who are being introduced to a little independence. I’d love to see more programs reaching out to them as well,” Resurreccion said.