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Title: “The Hating Game”  Author: Sally Thorne  Reading Level: Adult 

Books of the week Dec. 29

Title: “Little Fires Everywhere” 
Author: Celeste Ng

Shaker Heights is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, that has certain standards and lots of rules.  Elena Richardson writes for the local paper and lives in the big house on Parkland Drive that is now in ashes.  

She also owns the house on Winslow Road that she kindly rented out to Mia Warren and her daughter, Pearl.   

Mia is a freelance photographer who lives the nomad life – going wherever her art takes her.  But is that the real reason they are constantly moving from city to city?   

Elena’s four children – Lexi, Tripp, Moody and Izzy – become friends with Pearl, and they all spend most evenings together after school.   

When an adoption case involving one of Elena’s closest friends becomes the biggest story in town, homes are divided. Elena finds out the birthmother is friends with Mia and then decides to do her own investigation into Mia’s real story.  

No one knew simple nosiness and misunderstandings would lead to such destruction.   

This is available in paperback at the library or on audio on the Libby app. 

Title: “The Hating Game” 
Author: Sally Thorne 
Reading Level: Adult

 Lucy Hutton appears to be the sweetest bookworm in the office. Everyone loves that she’s compassionate and easy to work with.  

Josh Templeman appears to have the coldest heart in the world. Everyone is terrified he will have them fired.  

These two couldn’t be more different; yet, they share an office space. They love to play the Staring Game, the One-Upping Game or, their favorite, the Hating Game. They have both decided they are mortal enemies.  

However, love and hate are very similar.  

This book is one of the best contemporary enemies-to-lovers books. The author blends quick wit, smart tempers and comedy in a must-read romance. This book is available in print at the library and on the Libby app.