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Lessons learned from Mary and Martha

By Todd Barrier  

In Luke 10:38-42 the Bible tells the story of Mary and MarthaJesus is visiting the sisters home, and two very different things happen.  

Martha is worried about trivial things. She is making sure to be a good hostess – which is not inherently a bad thing, of course – and making sure everything is picture perfect. While she is doing chores, her sister Mary is at the feet of Jesus, listening and learning.  

When Martha complains about Mary not helping, Jesus tells her she worries too much about the wrong things while Mary has chosen what’s right.  

In this story, one sister is concerned with worldly things, and one is concerned about spiritual things.  

In our lives, we often let the hustle and bustle of this world take priority over our relationship with God. As Jesus tells Martha, we need to worry less about the things that aren’t eternal.  

We do that by focusing on things that are!  

Look at the things in your life that disrupt your relationship with God. Eliminate what you can and adjust what you can’t eliminate, choose that good thing that can’t be taken away, like Mary did.