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Books of the Week Sept. 28 – Oct. 2

TitleMighty Jack (Book One) 

Author and Illustrator: Ben Hatke 

Interest Level: Fifth grade and up 

This book is a graphic novel that takes the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale to a new level of fractured fairy tales.    

The main character, predictably, acquires seeds; however, instead of trading a cow for just a few, he trades his mother’s car for a whole case of seeds.    

Of course, he and his sister plant them, creating a garden of wild, magical, unpredictable plants that can do anything from making them stronger to turning them blue.  

Although Jack’s sister has never spoken, she is clearly entranced with their special magical garden.  When she is injured because of an accident in the garden, Jack decides to destroy it. Of course, that isn’t the end of the story; Jack is just starting his adventures. 

We hope to see you soon at the library! Happy reading.  

TitleThe Power of One 

Author: Trudy Ludwig 

Illustrator: Mike Curato 

Age level: Pre-k through second grade 

Author, motivational speaker and bullying expert Trudy Ludwig expresses – in terms children can understand – the importance of one act of kindness. She shows how one person reaching out to start a friendship can spread and make the world a better place.     

Illustrator Mike Curato’s pictures enhance the simple story while giving young readers the opportunity to expand and discuss the story further.  

Ms. Ludwig also includes at the end of the book simple rules of kindness to discuss with children. In our world, it seems almost every day we hear of adults acting out with anger and hostility and those feelings spreading to the most innocent members of our society – our children. There are growing numbers of suicide, bullying and murder in our children and youth.  I firmly believe that instilling positive values and encouraging children to be understanding and respectful of others at a young age is part of the answer.   

I hope you will stop by the library and check out this fantastic book to share with a child in your life.  Happy reading.