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Thank you, Falkville Fire

The Town of Falkville and the community appreciates all of the volunteers who sacrifice so much of their time to serve their community – especially, those of the Falkville Fire and Rescue Department 

The current officers for Falkville Fire and Rescue are Chief Tyler Tucker, Assistant Chief Nate McCarley, Capt. Monty Coty and Lt. Tre Kennedy. The department has 20 active members.  

During the month of August the department received 61 calls – 31 for EMS, 11 for fire, 14 for car accidents, three because of weather and two others.  

Falkville Fire and Rescue is recruiting motivated individuals who want to serve their community. Anyone interested can apply at Fire Station 1, located at 22 Railroad Ave., for more information.  

Area High School Activities  

Congratulations go out this week to the Falkville High School 2020 Homecoming Queen, Sydnee Fitzgerald. Congratulations also go to the Danville High School 2020 Homecoming Queen, Ellie Tucker. Congratulations to Robert Elliott Jr. on being sworn in as our next superintendent of Morgan County Schools.  

Beginning now, Morgan County Schools students will receive free breakfast and lunch until the end of 2020. This includes virtual and traditional Morgan County School students.  Students learning virtually can pick up free weekly meals by contacting the school.   

Extras like ice cream, sports drinks or other a la carte items will be paid for at the time of pickup.  

This free meal status does not apply to meals received in August, and any debt from August will be the responsibility of the families.  

Falkville Public Library honors Byron Shumate  

The Falkville Public Library staff remembers in loving memory Byron Shumate, 19742020. The library staff members wanted a way to honor Byron on his birthday, which was Sept. 6. They want to share with everyone that Byron had a big heart and was actively looking for a way to get books into the hands of children. He believed books are a gift to the next generation and a library is a place to capture the world!  

Byron graduated from Falkville High School in 1992, so the library staff decided to bring his passion to life by donating childrens books to the Falkville Public Library – ihis memory, with love from Byron’s mom, sister and many aunts.