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Books of the Week March 23 – 27

Reviewer: Patricia Poe 

Title: “Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleepover  

Author: David Melling 


Douglas packs his bag for a big sleepover at Rabbit’s house.  

He is so excited that he gets lost in the woods. He meets Little Sheep, who knows how to get there. Along the way he tells Little Sheep there is plenty of room at Rabbit’s house for him to stay also.  

When they get to Rabbit’s house, he finds out more sheep have been following them. Will they all fit in Rabbit’s house? How many sheep are there?  

This is a fun and entertaining short read for children and adults to enjoy together.  

TitleThe Case of the Missing Chalk Drawings 

Author: Richard Byrne 

I love this cute story.  

The premise is that all of the different colored chalks are drawing flowers on a chalkboard. They all go inside for lunch and come back to all of their flowers gone.   

Ms. Red puts a bright red fence around their new drawings but discovers bright red chalk fences do not protect chalk drawings.    

Someone is most definitely stealing their drawings. They do the only reasonable thing to do: they call in the police.   

Sgt. Blue looks at the evidence, calls in some suspects and uses the clues to discover the thief.    

Is the thief really a thief, or has there been a total misunderstanding? 

This book provides a great springboard for other activities. For example, caregivers could create their own mystery and have children puzzle it out, or they could discuss the various roles played by the chalk. 

It is also a great way open dialogue about other people’s points of view.   

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. As a reminder, the William Bradford Huie Library is closed until April 6 to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check the City of Hartselle website, www.hartselle.org, and City of Hartselle Facebook page for updates.