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Books of the week Feb. 10 – 15

Reviewer: Patricia Poe 

Title: “Spy School: Secret Service  

Author: Stuart Gibbs  

Audience: Juvenile fiction 


In this series of juvenile fiction books, a middle school boy by the name of Ben Ripley has already decided on his future job: He wants to work for the CIA – but he is not what you would call secret agent material.  

He has been transferred to a new school, and the adventures begin when he thinks this school is a front for a secret junior CIA academy.  

Does Ben become a cool secret agent, or will his adventures go awry? Find out in this new series of seven books that are available at the WBH Library of Hartselle. 


Title: Tweet Cute 

Author: Emma Lord 

Audience: Young adult 


This is a great new read for young adults or young-at-heart adults. It is the traditional boy meets girl, girl meets boy – and they instantly become rivals.   

Pepper and Jack are complete opposites.  She is an academically driven overachiever, while he, on the other hand, is the class clown.   

After their tweet war goes viral, the fight is on – at least publicly. Privately, they are falling for each other on an anonymous chat app built by Jack himself.    

It all comes down to this quote from Jack: “How to Suck at Confessing to the Girl You Like that You’ve Secretly been messaging Her on a Platform You Created, Then Convince Her It’s Not as Shady as It Sounds: a terrible novel, written by me.”   

I will leave the end a mystery!   

Hope to see you soon at the Library!