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More than 10 catalytic converters stolen from Hartselle vehicles

Authorities are searching for perpetrators who stole nearly a dozen catalytic converters from vehicles in Hartselle last week.

“Not only was it a certain part but it’s a specific vehicle,” Inv. Alan McDearmond said. “Most of them were Ford Econo-line vans like an F350 van.  They’re typically used as passenger vans – a lot of churches use them. The culprits were going around to different churches in town and stealing the parts.”

“There was also a similar vehicle that belonged to a church being repaired at Mack’s By the Tracks and they got that one too,” he added. The suspects also stole two converters from vehicles at Peck Funeral Home.

Catalytic converters are a part of a vehicle’s exhaust system and McDearmond said that the parts can be removed from the underside of the vehicle in under a minute with a battery-powered saw. Many brand new converters are priced under $100.

“I would imagine the suspects are from out of town, going from place to place cutting these things off and taking them somewhere they can sell them,” he said.

McDearmond said he cautions owners of this type of vehicle to secure them. “It’s a good idea for any vehicles like this that are left on-premises are securely locked up or moved to someone’s house,” he said.