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Books of the Week Nov. 11-16

Title: “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek 

Author: Kim Michele Richardson 


This interesting fictional book is not only about the Pack Horse Library Project of Kentucky; it also delves into the history of the famous Blue People.  

When 19year-old Cussy Carter becomes a Pack Horse Librarian in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, she will brave riding a mule across creek beds and around the mountains delivering books to the poor and lonely people she meets in her travels.  

Cussy wants to make sure her fellow Kentuckians have the pleasure of reading the books she brings to them.  

I hope this book inspires you to read more about the Pack Horse Library Project and discover more about the Blue People – and, of course, I hope you just enjoy reading this story. 

Title: “The Courage of Sarah Noble 

AR Level: 3.9 

This book is a Newberry Honor book. Although the book is not about Thanksgiving, I believe it demonstrates being thankful and is a great book to use as a conversation starter with children.    

The Courage of Sarah Noble is based on the true story of 8-yearold Sarah Noble. In 1707 Sarah went with her father into the wilderness to build a new home for their family. They took one horse and were so limited in what they could pack that Sarah had to leave her doll behind.  

After several days of hard travel, they arrive in their “new home.” For several months, Sarah and her father live in a crude hut with a hastily constructed fence while her father builds the “real” home with logs.   

They soon meet the American Indians living close to them, and Sarah overcomes her shyness and fear. She discovers that even though Indians live differently, their ways are not bad.  When her father finally completes the house, he decides to leave her with their Indian friends until his return with the rest of their family.   

This is a great readaloud chapter book.  

Hope to see you soon at the library.