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A look back at Halloween

Tomorrow, Oct. 31, is Halloween.  

I can remember going to Halloween carnivals in the old combination gym-auditorium at Morgan County High School. I especially enjoyed bobbing for apples and trying the cake walk, which I actually won once or twice. Taking home a cake to my mom was something I could do her.

Nov. 1, 1903—Alabama Ghost Story: An interesting ghost story comes from Moulton Heights, a suburb two miles west of New Decatur. For some time a ghost has made nightly visits to a large two-story residence there, which is owned by George A. Nelson and is rented to tenants. The ghost was said to have made a most hideous noise and scratched out two window screens.  

When looked for, the ghost would vanish, and nothing whatever could be seen.  

The last family who lived in the house moved out some time ago, saying they could no longer stand the visitations. Since that time, no one would live in the house, and Mr. Nelson, the owner, tried for weeks to unravel the mystery. At last he has succeeded in doing so.  

After spending much time and going to a great deal of trouble, he found the “ghost” to be a large bird that is unknown to this country. Upon investigation, it was found the bird was a species of parrot that belonged to a man who had occupied the house early in the spring. This man had been a United States soldier in the Philippines, had captured the bird there and had brought it home with him.  He kept it in a cage, but one day it got out and never returned until the family moved away. It is supposed the bird was trying to get back in the house, and when anyone went to look for it, it flew away and hid.  

As the occupants of the house could see nothing to cause the strange noise, they  supposed it to be a ghost. 

Oct. 31, 1961—Halloween passed off quietly in Hartselle tonight. Trick or treaters were out in full force, but no harm was done.

Oct. 31, 1962—Falkville High’s Halloween carnival was a big success tonight. Dejuana Ridgeway, the beautiful daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ridgeway,

was voted “most popular baby” during the course of the festive evening.

Oct. 30, 2015—For those who wanted to go out of town to get in the Halloween spirit, Arab had a unique attraction. At the “Arab Haunted House,” located at Darkwood Farms,, guests walked through a chicken house which was said to have a “murderous past.” Tour guides directed visitors over bridges and through darkened tunnels. Visitors had to be prepared, however, to outrun (not seriously) the ghostly monsters that were chasing them.

Oct. 29, 2016—Mark Evan Reynolds and Christen Stephenson Hines hosted the Hartselle Church of Christ’s annual Halloween Bash this evening in the fellowship hall of the church. Dinner was served at 5. Some of the aspects of the bash that made it a lot of fun were the bouncy house, a variety of games and a costume contest. Quite a few church members set up candy stations throughout the building, and all children ended up with an ample supply of sweets. There was no charge for this event.

Oct. 25, 2017—Going through the Smith Farms Corn Maze, located in a rural area not far from Hartselle, is a different but fun way to celebrate Halloween. Those who went tonight walked through the corn maze while costumed actors dressed as clowns hid behind corn stalks, just waiting to jump out.