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Morgan County man sought on drug charges

Narcotics agents with the Morgan County Drug Task Force are searching for a man accused of manufacturing methamphetamine, trafficking heroin and possessing methamphetamine and several types of commonly-abused prescription medications.

James Reid Sharpe, of Somerville, is wanted for arrest on the charges of manufacturing controlled substance in the first degree, trafficking in heroin and several counts of unlawful possession of controlled substance. The total bond amount exceeds $200,000.

The investigation began on June 18 after agents searched his home in the 1200-block of Morrow Mountain Rd after obtaining probable cause for a search warrant.

During the search, agents recovered numerous components associated with the manufacturing process of methamphetamine, including: pseudoephedrine, iodine crystals, hydrogen peroxide, acetone, lye and a make-shift generator used in the iodine crystallization phase of the process. This form of clandestine methamphetamine lab, also known as “Red P (phosphorus)” is very dangerous due to the deadly fumes put off from the iodine. Agents also located methamphetamine product within the home.

Additionally, agents recovered approximately 14 grams of heroin. In the State of Alabama, four grams is the threshold that has to be met to face the charge of trafficking in heroin. As of late, it has been discovered that heroin is being “cut” with fentanyl to increase profit margin. Fentanyl, a highly-potent opiate pain killer, can be extremely dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with it. For instance, it only takes 2-3 salt-sized granules of fentanyl to be fatal for a human.

Also recovered in the search were numerous types of commonly abused medication: Xanex, Adderall, OxyContin and Klonopin were found in the residence. Numerous guns, drug scales, baggies, syringes and methamphetamine pipes were also found.

Anyone who has information regarding the whereabouts of James Reid Sharpe are asked to contact the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office at 256-301-1174. Suspicious drug activity be can reported by calling 256-351-4800.