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New Life Church, located on West Lacon Road in Falkville, will host a Fifth Sunday Night Singing January 29 at 6 p.m. Area church choirs will be singing. Phillip Hardin is the pastor.

A Night to Shine by Tim Tebow will be held at Fairview: The Grace Place Feb. 10. For more information, call 256-784-5642.

God will not permit any trouble to come upon us unless he has a specific plan by which great blessings come out of difficulty.

Down Memory Lane. Today’s beauty salons are very modern compared to the 1940’s. It took all day to get a perm; however, today it only takes a few hours.

I had won a setting to have my picture made. The perms were not like they are today. A perm machine was used. It was used for giving croquigrole perms. The procedure included putting strips of lamb’s wool on the ends of the strands of hair, then putting the hair through a slit in a piece of leather to protect the scalp and wrapping the hair. Metal clamps attached a long electrical cord and then attached to the wrapped hair. Someone would stand behind you and fan you because the machine got very hot. It took all day to get this perm and you could not turn your head because the clamps were so heavy.

After going through getting the perm, I said that I was not going through that again.

I still have the picture that was made after getting the perm. The perm was $2.