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City looks at replacing civic center bleachers

Hartselle’s City Council is looking to replace 36-year-old bleachers in the John. J. Sparkman Civic Center after park and recreation director Frank Miller said they can’t be repaired again.

“We’ve welded them together so much that there’s nothing left to weld it to,” Miller told the council Monday night during a work session. “The company that has repaired our bleachers in the past will not repair them anymore because they couldn’t guarantee their safety.”

Miller said these bleachers have been repaired at least 12 times during their lifespan. They are located inside the main gymnasium and are used frequently throughout the year, especially during youth league basketball.

Since the company said they would not repair the bleachers, however, Miller said the city had two options. The city could either fix the bleachers so that they would be permanently pulled out or to replace them.

Mayor Dwight Tankersley recommended replacing the bleachers so that the city would not lose the needed floor space when the bleachers are pushed in.

Council members agreed with the recommendation and authorized Miller to obtain bids for the project. Anticipated cost could be at least $40,000 depending on what the final bids were.

Councilman Mark Mizell also recommended seeking an additional bid for installing permanent bleachers in the back gymnasium to replace the temporary bleachers that are brought in for games and events.

“Since we’re looking at replacing these bleachers, why not also see what it would cost to purchase bleachers for the back gymnasium as well,” Mizell said.

The council agreed and asked Miller to add the back gymnasium as an alternate. By adding it as an alternate bid option, Tankersley said the city wouldn’t be bound to accept the bid for both projects.

Miller hopes that the bleachers can be replaced by the first youth league basketball game in November.