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Hartselle Enquirer

Morgan County Marriage Licenses for April 25

•Sidney Maurice Smith, 2-25-61, of Decatur to Shelly Ann Chester, 11-1-56, of Decatur

•Christopher Lynn Dudley, 9-27-74, of Valhermoso Springs, to Tonja Dawn Bowen, 2-7-78, of Boaz

•Bobby Lovell Henry, 12-2-81, of Decatur to Ulonda Resha Milam, 9-30-83, of Decatur

•Justin Thomas Odom, 1-21-87, of Hartselle to April Leeann Crews, 5-27-87, of Hartselle

•William Richard Snook, 3-7-83, of Danville to Mary Ann Russell, 12-18-83, of Danville

• Roger Edward Watkins 2-14-43, of Double Springs to Carolyn Ann Johnson, 2-26-46, of Decatur

•Patrick Ryan McGuire, 10-23-86, of Hartselle to Danielle Renee Taylor, 2-10-92, of Hartselle

•Juan Pablo Gonzalez-Bernal, 9-7-84, of Decatur to Flor Imelda Reyes, 12-19-87, of Decatur

•Denver Olon Owens, 8-2-47, of Summertown, Tenn., to Mary Ann Harvey, 12-6-54, of Elkmont

•William Clayton Jones, 11-30-82, of Hartselle to Lori Sue Malone, 9-24-64, of Hartselle

•Stacy Lee George, 1-12-69, of Baileyton to Tammy Lynn Bennefield, 11-7-72, of Baileyton

•Jerry Delain Jacobs, 7-15-46, of Decatur to Maxine Borden, 3-2-60, of Danville

•David Thomas Otto, 3-9-56, of Decatur to Patricia Lynn Filler, 2-15-60, of Decatur

• Kenneth Lee Morrow, 1-12-85, of Somerville to Ashlee Marie Royster, 5-9-90

•Christopher Lee Russell, 12-27-86, of Decatur to Jessica Allison McWhorter, 6-1-89, of Decatur

•Thomas Fiscus Gatts, 10-3-33, of Heflin to Nancy Evelyn Burns, 9-21-36, of Decatur

•Jay William Sanford, 8-18-85, of Decatur to Jennifer Renee Petty, 5-28-87, of Decatur

•Michael Anthony Jackson, 1-7-62, of Decatur to Jenifer Irene McCurry, 1-17-92, of Decatur