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Communities to hold reunion on Aug. 6 in Eva

On Saturday, Aug. 6, beginning at 9:30 a.m. the annual reunion of the Rock Creek, Lawrence and Greasy Cove communities will meet at Harmony Primitive Baptist Church on Lawrence Cove Road near Eva.

This year there will be a special program rededicating the old cemetery which is adjacent to the church building. The old cemetery, that began in the mid 1800s, is mainly the resting place of the Allison and Johnson families, although other people who are unknown are also buried there. It is a hallowed place where sandstones and touchstones tell the history of an era long gone.

The cemetery was all but forgotten after so many of the older generation passed on until the mid 1980s when the Allison and Allied Families Association restored it At least two confederate soldiers are buried there, Isaac Jackson and Joseph Richard Allison. Mr. Allison, who died in April 1921, was the last burial known at the cemetery

In addition to the rededication there will be lunch and fellowship in the afternoon.

For additional information, call Marigurette Alexander at 256-796-6064.