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HU begins upgrade of Bethel sewer main

Repairs and improvements to the sewer main on Bethel Road are scheduled to start Wednesday, July 6, as a means of gaining additional capacity before the new high school opens in 2012.

Hartselle Utilities General Manager Ferrell Vest said a decision was made to move forward with the project after video tapes showed a large number of leaks, cracks and swags in the eight-inch line. This contributes to an ongoing problem of groundwater infiltration, which limits its capacity during rainy weather.

“As soon as the school system opted to use the main for its wastewater we knew we were going to have to regain some of the line’s capacity,” he pointed out. “At the same time the school’s plans called for off-site improvements to Bethel Road. It was in the interest of all parties for us to go ahead and get our work done.”

Glen Partlow, P.E., engineering services manager, said the project is divided into two phases with phase #1 beginning across from F.E. Burleson Elementary School and extending south to the Beverly and Ashworth Streets intersection, a distance of 518 feet. The second Phase will take place from that point to East Main Street but probably will not be done until the summer of 2012.

“Target date for completion is five to six weeks, or before the next school term begins,” Partlow stated. “Traffic will be affected during construction because the sewer line is located in the middle of the roadway. Bethel Street will be used as the primary detour route for both south and north bound traffic normally using Bethel Road. Movement to and from local residences will be allowed throughout construction.”

Partlow added that hot mix will be used to close street openings as work progresses on a day-to-day basis and a temporary surface will be put down when construction work is completed.