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City schools to reopen Tuesday

Students in Hartselle City Schools will return to the classroom Tuesday for the first time since the devastating tornado outbreak last Wednesday, according to School Superintendent Mike Reed.

Reed said principals, janitors and cafeteria workers reported Monday and were getting the schools ready. Although the schools lost most of the food stored in the refrigerators, Reed said the food in the freezers were OK.

“We didn’t lose any food in the freezers, but we did lose what we had stored in the refrigerators,” Reed said. “We should be in good shape for reopening schools tomorrow.”

Reed also added that the legislature is offering several ways to makeup the time lost due inclement weather days.

“A bill has been introduced in the Legislature that will extend the school day instead of making up the days,” Reed said. “We’re hoping that they’ll just excuse the missed day.”

Reed said the missed school days would not affect teacher’s pay.

“Teachers are required to go 180 days,” Reed said. “While the students may not have to make up the days, teachers will have go the 180 days.”

County schools to reopen Wednesday

Morgan County Schools will all reopen on Wednesday except for Ryan School, which still doesn’t have power.

County School Superintendent Bill Hopkins said they will bus Ryan students to nearby Union Hill School.

“Until Ryan School gets power back, we’ll send the students to Union Hill School,” Hopkins said. “Today, we’ve been moving food back into the school cafeterias. As far as I know, we’ll be back in school Wednesday, that is if the weather doesn’t turn bad again on Wednesday.”