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There’s no better gift for a mom

By By Leada Gore, Editor
Hanging on the front of my refrigerator is a piece of pink construction paper with several small wrinkled pieces glued to it in what appears to be a random pattern around a paper tree.
This art work is priceless. It was Sutton’s first efforts at construction paper art and, while it’s rather random, to me it’s museum quality.
Sutton was very proud of her artwork the day she brought it home from Mother’s Day Out. She pulled it from her folder and handed it to me and pointed to the refrigerator. I guess there’s something instinctual about knowing that throughout history mothers have posted great works of art on the refrigerator door. We moved some items around, picked out some special magnets worthy of the task, and then hung it on the door.
I asked Sutton, who has only recently learned to say her name, who created the artwork.
Sutton’s teacher had added some words to the artwork, writing “Happy Mother’s Day,” to the top.
I bragged on Sutton and her work.
As if I could ever forget.
I know Sutton is too young to understand that Sunday is Mother’s Day. And I know she doesn’t know what all that means, but it is amazing to see how she’s realized that something so small as a construction paper tree makes a mom so happy.
I hope that it’s the first of many such presents.
I imagine there will be macaroni art, handprint drawings and splatter paint creations in the future, all of which will be precious and receive a place of honor, too. It’s these types of things that parents cherish. It’s the reason I’ve seen businessmen wear string bracelets around their wrists and the same reason Greg still uses an old keychain his son made. It’s the reason I saved her first “report card” from Mother’s Day Out, proclaiming she’d eaten her lunch and napped.
So, happy Mother’s Day to all – the moms, grandmothers, stepmothers, aunts or important people who step up and play the role of mom. I hope you all have a happy day and I hope you, too, have some construction paper art to hang on your refrigerator.