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By Staff
Paper should support local team
I suggest the Hartselle Enquirer change the name of the paper to the Morgan County News. Normally, a hometown paper supports its hometown teams. That is not always the case here, at least not in the sports section.
Sportswriter Charles Prince, in an article last week, compared the Brewer Lady Patriots to a "vehicle running as smoothly after a tune-up to five straight wins, while the Hartselle (Lady Tigers) vehicle appeared to be leaking oil and over-heating as they suffered four losses in five games."
This timely article appeared on the opening day of the girls Area 16 tournament, which Hartselle hosted. All the girls read the article that day and were very encouraged by the strong show of support by their hometown paper.
I noticed Mr. Prince was not at the game Thursday. In spite of starting two freshmen and three sophomores, the "leaky, overheated Hartselle vehicle" managed to squeak out a 62-44 win over Muscle Shoals. Mr. Prince may have been traveling that night – Brewer played Arab in Huntsville.
However, Saturday night he was back on the bandwagon as Hartselle defeated Russellville to win the Area 16 championship. The girls are headed down the road to Sun Regionals this Thursday night. Win or lose, I'm sure the girls will give their best effort. Best of luck to the Hartselle Lady Tigers. Your hometown supports you!
Patty Andrews
Donors made Eagle project possible
As a member of local Boy Scout Troop 336 in Hartselle, I recently completed my Eagle Scout project. Several workers and I recently carried out my project at Fire Station No. 1 by the railroad tracks.
The project consisted of sodding the front of the building along with the street side of the new extension, installing drainage lines, rebuilding the flower beds in front, building a new flower bed in back, and trimming up the existing landscaping.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made my project possible. Since a stipulation of the project is that I have all materials and labor donated, the project would not have been successful without the generosity of the following businesses and people: Corum's Building Supply, Kevin Corum, Apple Farms in Falkville, Larry Hannah of Hannah's Lawn Care, Keith McTaggart, the city of Hartselle and its employees, especially the Fire Department, Papa John's, Domino's, Pizza Hut, and everyone from Troop 336.
Kalen Berry
Parents thank community
Our daughter, Halli Dean, and her boyfriend, Bryan Johnson, were injured in an automobile accident Jan. 29. The actual car wreck was serious and horrifying.
Miraculously, their lives were spared, their injuries will heal, and they will make a full recovery. We are grateful to God for watching over them during and after this terrifying incident.
We know without a doubt the Lord did not intend for Halli and Bryan to leave this earth on that fateful day. We truly believe God has wonderful plans for them. We trust Him with their future.
We would like to extend a genuine and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has shown their love, concern and support for Halli and the Dean family. We greatly appreciate the prayers, visits, phone calls, food, gifts, flowers and cards.
In addition, we are thankful for the Good Samaritan who ministered to Halli and Bryan at the scene of the accident while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Furthermore, we thank the emergency medical technicians who gave medical treatment to Halli and Bryan at the wreck site and then transported them to the hospital.
And last, but certainly not least, we give sincere gratitude to all of the employees and medical personnel at the Cullman Regional Medical Center who assisted in the care of Halli and Bryan.
We will be eternally grateful to each and every one of you and may God bless you all.
Jimmy and Tracey Dean
Fringe benefit not fair to others
I hear teachers and school administrators, quite often, state that there isn't enough money being allocated towards education. Seems to me, that this isn't reality or factual.
Currently, in Hartselle, we have one or more custodial employees of our school system living in dwellings, purchased by the high school, not the school board. There was no discussion by the board of education, nor a vote, on the purchase. One of these purchases was done in July, 1988. Reportedly, a new roof, central heat and air, interior and exterior refurbishing was performed, which many people consider a waste of good school funds.
One custodial worker lives in one of these properties. He is paid approximately $2,000 a month wages. Dr. Hartsell has stated to me, by letter, that the occupant does not pay any rent. He also gets a $200 a month "fringe benefit" which should cover his utility expenses. Several rental property owners have stated that this dwelling could easily rent for $400 a month, considering it is located right across from the high school.
With the loss of approximately $76,000 in rent over the years, and a initial purchase cost of $30,000, combined with the $200 a month "fringe benefit" for the custodial worker, this adds up to a considerable sum of money. This does not consider the costs of routine maintenance and upkeep of this property, or the cost of insuring these properties.
Now, add the fact that, reportedly, there are possibly other properties in our town purchased by the school, this sum on money could easily double or triple.
So, I ask this. Is it feasible to spend school funds to benefit one, two, or three people, and take away from the people that the money should be for, i.e. the educating of our children. That is a "no brainer"
School funds should go towards education, not perks and fringe benefits. Someone, years ago, opened the door to, in my opinion, to no accountability in this issue. It's time to close this door and put the money where it belongs.
Mike Dowdy