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By Staff
Bush best choice for Alabama, country
Kerry or Bush? George W. Bush is my choice.
I served three tours of duty in the Vietnam War during my 13 years in the U.S. Army. In two of those years, I was with the 173rd Airborne Bgd., which is in Iraq now, but during Vietnam went to many parts of the country, mostly by helicopter from their base camp.
I was a medical corpsman–my job being to treat and aid the sick and wounded who came to our aid station. We not only treated the U.S. military, but also ARVN soldiers and civilians.
So, to John Kerry I say I did not see any of the raping, cutting off of ears, and pillaging he said he witnessed. John Kerry is trying to use the patriotic pride that all Americans feel these days to get into the White House.
He is not the commander-in-chief I would select to care for my son, who is an U.S. Marine, has been to Iraq and will probably return.
I choose George W. Bush, even though not a combat veteran, he did join and serve in the Reserves. He did not run off to Canada, he did not get a medical deferment, he served. I ask all who feel pride and passion for our country to reelect President George W. Bush.
Jerry Kyker
Restaurant decision was correct one
Please allow me a few moments. First and foremost, I do not claim to be a politician or a lawmaker. I do claim to know when something is wrong. I do claim to be a supporter of the free market and my community. I began to realize this over two years ago when I assumed the responsibility of purchasing the restaurant formerly known as Robert's Catfish Lodge.
My family and friends supported me in this. We wanted to rebuild what was once a great landmark in the community. We wanted to be able to give to a community the way Horace Roberts and his family gave to Hartselle, Morgan County and North Alabama. I have done everything possible to make this happen, spent thousands of dollars on local advertising, gone business to business, supported fundraisers, and donated time, food and money to those that we can. I thank everyone for all they have done for me and my family.
I wonder how many lives are affected when a business closes? Not just the employees, but the vendors, utility employees, the local insurance agent, the accountant, the bank, and the list just goes on and on.
It is wrong for the city to finance a privately owned business. Why is this news now that this is not going to happen? Who decided that this deal was the deal to make? How much would it have cost? What was the return? This would have been a done deal without the knowledge of the community if time would have permitted. Using tax dollars against current businesses sounds wrong to me. Parts of it sound illegal. Maybe this is why other cities are not doing this.
I am grateful to Mayor (Dwight) Tankersley and the new administration for not financing a local business in the Hartselle area when there are business people here that work hard every day to support our families and the families of countless people in our area. Thank you for supporting a level playing field in the market. We are here because we saw the need for the community. Let other businesses come as they wish. I will continue to compete for my customers and the families that count on me.
David Gray
Owner David's Catfish Cabin
School system needs total audit
Why do so many members of the school board and personnel of the central office oppose an audit from the state or another auditing firm? With the upcoming regime change set to take place next year, one would think that the outgoing regime would want a clean slate report for their years of service. Apparently, that's not the case.
First, Pat Roberts was in favor of a legal audit from the state. Then she flip-flopped on that shortly thereafter and now she opposed it. Lee Hartsell has said that he opposes it also. Two things come to mind when I see someone oppose something like this: they are afraid of something being discovered or they know something will be discovered.
I would have to know that after I left a school administration, that quite possibly, a year or two later, something popped up and I had to answer for it. I would also hate to know that an incoming superintendent would have something like this dumped in his lap, a year or two after he takes over the helm. Is there anything to all of this? We need to find out.
People need to start calling, emailing or writing letters to the Attorney General's office, the Ethics Committee and Gov. Bob Riley asking for a complete "legal" audit, not a financial audit. A legal audit is a very comprehensive look at anything and everything that concerns the tax dollars that the school receives and all the expenditures that occur.
Do not let this be a hanging chad, and an embarrassment for the next superintendent. Fix it before it becomes a headline in all the local papers and the top story of the news for television. We need some accountability for where all our taxes are being spent in our schools.
Mike Dowdy
Festival organizers thank community
Oak Ridge United Methodist Church recently held a fall festival for missions. Approximately $5,000 was raised. We could not have done this without the donations from merchants in the Decatur, Hartselle and Danville areas.
Some of the things we use this money for are the support of missions, support of our children's homes, support of the United Methodist Residential Alternative homes, support of United Methodist Committee on Relief (helps in times of disaster) given to those in our area for medical and medicine expenses, given to those whose homes have been destroyed, and bought groceries, gas and a gas tank for those in need.
We also have a prison ministry and support the Decatur District Disability Ministry and the Hispanic Ministry. Thank you for your generosity. You have given hope to others. Thank you for your participation.
Celia Vest