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Meet the new guy

By Staff
Charles Prince, Sports Editor
The new guy at school causes people to look and wonder, "What's he like?" In the work place the new guy is watched closely to see if he can get his job done. It's not always easy to accept the new guy. People get used to friends, but then times change, friends move on and the new guy shows up. That's me, I'm the new guy.
Who am I? My name is Charles Prince. I was born in Chicago, Ill. to parents who were from the Chattanooga, Tenn. area. When I was six years old they moved back south to the little town of Trenton, Ga.
After high school I served as an assistant high school football coach from 1982-1986. I moved to California in late 1986 after hearing how beautiful the weather was out there. I worked for a publishing company in San Diego for a while until one day I heard that old baseball cards were valuable.
I went home and looked through the boxes of cards I had saved since I was a kid. After learning that my cards had a total value of more $19,000, I decided to go into business for myself. Within weeks I opened, "Prince SportsCards" in Murrieta, Ca.
I truly loved that job. People would come in looking for the card of their favorite sports figure and wound up reminiscing about great games of the past. Talking sports all day long and making a living while doing it. Those were great times for me. I still have a few of the cards. My most cherished is a Walter Payton rookie. The card has a book value of $275, but to me it's priceless.
I moved back to Georgia in 1994 after the death of my father. I moved back to fix up his house so it could be sold in probate. It proved to be the best move I ever made. I soon met a pretty blond originally from England who lived in Cullman. Five months later, Susan and I were married and I moved to Cullman.
In August 1999, I was hired to work for The Cullman Times covering high school sports. The Times had a great sports editor then named Scott Turner. He's the main reason I'm here following Nick Johnston as the Enquirer sports editor. Scott taught me so much and has given me a wealth of great advice. Thanks Scott, I wouldn't have this job without your help.
Stan Voit, the managing editor of the Times, also deserves my thanks. He has given me much in the way of encouragement and advice. Amanda Shavers the award-winning photographer in Cullman has given me helpful advice as well. Greg Stephenson, currently the sports editor in Cullman, has helped me along the way.
I'm not going to try to replace Nick, because that can't be done. One day I hope you won't think of me as the new guy, but as a friend and a reporter who loves sports as much as you do.
Charles Prince can be reached at 773-6566 (office) or 758-0406 (cell) or by e-mail at charles.prince@hartselleenquirer.com.