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A look back

By Staff
Researched by Dr. Bill Stewart
It is unfortunate but true that much of the news of 2004 will not be happy news. The following items include both sad and happy reminiscences.
1899 -January 1, New Year's Eve could not have been more unhappy, so far as the weather was concerned. It was the dismalest, gloomiest, dirtiest day Hartselle has experienced in many months, possibly in years. The rain came in just sufficient quantity to wet the clothes of pedestrians not covered by water-proofs. The rude, blustering northeasterly wind made umbrellas useless.
1906 -January 2, Much of North Alabama is covered with a mantel of snow, the first of any consequence this winter.
1908 -January 3, Dr. H. C. McRee, Hartselle's town physician, has been elected vice-president of the Morgan County Medical Society. Dr. S. L. Rountree, one of Hartselle's founders, is county health officer. Dr. T. B. Brindley, also of Hartselle, is county poor house physician. Within their limited resources, these men seek to promote the health and well being of the people of this area.
1916 -January 4, D. W. Speake, Jr., son of the late judge, died here this morning at 7 o'clock at the home of his mother after suffering from tuberculosis for four years. Mr. Speake succumbed just one year later than his father-same day, same hour.
1926 -January 5, The Bank of Hartselle is once again paying a 15 percent dividend to its stockholders. (The bank was robbed two months later.)
1944 -January 6, There is news concerning Ike Parker, former football coach at MCHS. Captain Parker was initially reported as missing in action in the fall of Java two years ago. Now it has been learned that the quarterback and football captain at Auburn is in a Japanese internment camp in Burma. Many prayers are being offered for his ultimate safe return home when the war is won.
2002 -Yachte McGrady of Hartselle led the UNA women's basketball team to a convincing 77-67 win over Gulf South Conference rival Lincoln Memorial tonight. In the process she scored 20 points and had 12 rebounds. She has scored in double figures in three out of the past four games.