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A lesson learned in being a pain

By Staff
Leada Devaney, Editor
It was about 9 a.m. last Saturday and Greg, his son Derek, and I were in Nashville, lost as we could be.
We were headed to Vanderbilt stadium for the Vandy/Auburn game and weren't quite sure how to get where we were going. Basically, we were just following the crowd and I think it was lost, too.
I wasn't in the best of moods, anyway. I don't like Auburn and the thought of being in a sea of orange wasn't exactly my idea of a good time. Still, going to one Auburn game was a concession since I'm dragging them to two Alabama games this year.
To make matters worse, I was stuck with one extra ticket and, unlike a normal Alabama or Auburn game, I wasn't so sure I could unload it.
So, there I sat, grouchy and looking for someone to purchase this $30 ticket.
We were late and it was hot.
I was out $30.
I was going to an Auburn game.
This day wasn't working out the way I planned.
And then, I remembered a little jewel someone had sent me the week before. It said "just because I have pains doesn't mean I have to be one."
And I was being one. I decided it was time to improve my mood.
I stuck a smile on my face and starting joining in the conversation. Greg and Derek have a good sense of direction and, in spite of my bad advice, had managed to find the stadium and where we were staying.
About that same time, we got stopped in traffic and I saw a man standing on a corner.
"Got a ticket to sell? Need a ticket?" he asked.
I yelled back.
"I got a ticket. How much will you give me for it?" I asked.
"I will give you $15," he replied.
It was a deal. Fifteen was better than nothing.
The day was improving.
We finally made it to the stadium and scaled the heights to row 61, where our seats were. Sitting next to us was a man from North Alabama who had decided on a whim to come to the game. He had purchased our extra ticket, and was thrilled he got it for $30. The day was working out well, except for the fact I was still sitting in a sea of orange.
And then, I noticed them. About six seats down from where we were sitting was a couple, completely decked out in red and white University of Alabama attire.
"Roll Tide," I said.
"Roll Tide," they said, grinning the whole time.
I had learned my lesson. Just because I have pains doesn't mean I have to be one.
Even if you are having to sit through an Auburn game.