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That's the way the cookie crumbles

By Staff
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
At last…someone in California is showing some sense about things.
Stephen Joseph, a San Francisco attorney, is suing Kraft Foods Inc., alleging that Oreo cookies are "inedible and dangerous."
According to Joseph, Oreos contain trans fat. Trans fat are hydrogenated oils and are, according to experts, added to vegetable oil to help convert it to a solid.
These fats, like a lot of others, aren't good for you. In fact, health officials say they can be downright bad for you.
The National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine warned that trans fat should not be eaten because it is associated with the bad cholesterol that can cause heart disease.
"I am probably full of hydrogenated fat because until two years ago I didn't know about it," Joseph said. "I resent the fact that I have been eating that stuff all my life."
I resent it, too.
Who ever had any idea that a diet of Oreos or even Chips Ahoy or those cookies the little elf promotes were actually bad for you?
No one told me that a steady diet of cookies wasn't a good thing for my future health.
"That's what's so shocking," Joseph said. "It has been so well hidden."
He's right on the money with that statement.
I never would have guessed that two chocolate wafters sandwiching creamy white filling was anything but really good for me.
And, since Oreos has now come out with those spring- colored ones, I just figured that meant they were even better, mainly because of the dyes and preservatives used to make the minty green and baby pink colors.
Preservatives meant I was preserving my health, right? They were lighter color so they were lighter in calories, right?
And what about the orange cream filling for the Halloween Oreos? I just assumed they used oranges to make that filling. Oranges are fruit and fruit is health, thus orange colored filling is bound to be good for you.
Has the world just lost its sense of order and logic?
There's even chocolate-dipped Oreos now, which I assumed were good for me because chocolate comes from a cocoa bean and beans are healthy.
What's next? Are we going to be told Twinkies and 12 Diet Cokes a day aren't a good thing? That Snickers bars and milkshakes aren't a balanced diet? That Big Macs and a Super Sized fry shouldn't be part of my daily routine?
I have been deceived. The world may never look the same to me again.
As for Joseph Stephens, I say more power to you. Sounds to me like you are one smart cookie.