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Lady Patriots had every opportunity, couldn't take advantage

By Staff
Nick Johnston, Hartselle Enquirer
Fingernails? Heck, Brewer fans had to start chewing on their fingers.
The Lady Patriots' game with Athens could have meant history. It could have meant snapping a 52-game win streak. It could have meant a high ranking.
Instead, Brewer did not take advantage of missed opportunities – believe me, there were plenty – and fell 52-46.
If Friday night is any indication, head coach Ricky Allen and his Brewer team may be primed for a run deep into the playoffs.
Allen knows his team had a chance to knock off No. 1 Athens. His team left nothing on the court – it gave everything it had, but Athens could not hit the broad side of a barn. Brewer's defense played a part, but take it from someone who has seen Athens play this year – it was surprising to see shots not falling.
Brewer held Athens without a field goal in the final 6:08 of the game. And even then, Athens only could convert on 11 of 21 free throws.
Brewer tried; there was no giving up – even when down as much as nine points in the fourth.
Look out 5A, Brewer's hungry for big wins. Someone will be upset, and it will be at the hands of the Lady Patriots.
Hopefully, some fingernails will be left for that big game.
White turns into
second grader
Midway through the second quarter, Athens head coach Randy White walked out to mid-court to argue a call with the officials. He was well out of his "coaching box."
A very aware fan behind Brewer's bench yelled "get back in your box, coach." White ignored the comment, but the fan persisted.
White, doing his best impersonation of a second grader, then said "you shut-up!" Fans then erupted. White called the officials over and the man was escorted out of the building.
But as the man walked by White, talking with the officer and obviously not wanting to confront the head coach, White stared him down. Kind of like a "Nanny, nanny, boo-boo" type of thing. Then, a woman, who apparently was the man's wife, walked out. I didn't hear exactly what she said to White.
See WHITE, B-3
I doubt it was a "Hi, how are you."
Still, this entire incident could have been avoided if White would have held his tongue.
I've heard fans cuss a coach up and down and nothing happen.
Yet, when a 52-game win streak and a No. 1 ranking is on the line, I suppose the worst comes out.
Ah, to be back in grammar school.