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There's a turkey in Montgomery

By Staff
Leada DeVaney, Hartselle Enquirer
There's a turkey roaming free in Montgomery.
I'm sure this doesn't come to a shock to anyone who's followed politics in Alabama for any length of time. In fact, in recent weeks, it seems it would be hard to find someone in Montgomery who wasn't a turkey, but that appears to be business as usual.
You may be surprised to learn, however, that this turkey isn't named Don Siegelman or Bob Riley.
The turkey's name is Clyde and he's the Heart of Dixie's top gobbler.
Each year, the Alabama's governor's office issues a release in which they pardon the official state Thanksgiving turkey. Sometimes they will even include a picture of the governor standing by the bird. It can be difficult telling the two apart, though, especially during those always-exciting Guy Hunt years.
You can count on this press release coming every November, making sure that every Tom, Dick and Harry turkey escapes the wrath of what I assume would be the official state axe on its official state neck.
This year's release was a bit different though.
According to the release, the Governor's office voted to pardon Clyde last Friday. It goes on to say, however, that some good-old Alabama political shenanigans put Clyde's future in jeopardy.
"A mysterious press office machine glitch gobbled up a number of ballots, swinging the vote against Clyde and prompting the prospective main course to call for a hand recount," the release said.
Siegelman, who is now somewhat familiar with calling for a recount, did so for his fine-feathered friend.
"After the recount was conducted, it became apparent that Clyde would stick around the barnyard for at least another year."
I wonder if anyone contacted Attorney General Bill Pryor about Clyde's recount. I hear, however, they are still waiting for the totals out of Baldwin County, where chicken has traditionally been the bird of choice.
It's good to know Clyde, who was provided by Bates Turkey Farm in Lowndes County, escaped the axe this year.
After all, I can't think of a better place for a turkey to be than as a part of Gov. Bob Riley's cabinet.
Iron Bowl
I couldn't let this week pass without putting in my 9-2 cents worth about this weekend's big game.
The bad part about being a big Alabama or Auburn fan is this week is put up or shut up time. Sure, you can talk big all week, but you better be ready to eat crow next Monday morning.
That won't happen for us Tide fans, of course. We hope.
Alabama 34- Auburn 14.