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By Staff
We should help each other
We just wanted to ask how hard it is to get help when you need it? If you don't know, well good for you and we hope you never have to find out.
Unfortunately, we had to find out the hard way. Before March we were the typical middle-income family-then the accident happened.
Through and on-the-job injury, we found out in a hurry that workman's compensation insurance has a snail's pace system that pays as little as possible and no financial institute understand, "We have no money."
There are a few charitable organizations that try to help, but they are limited by the donations they receive. So sometimes they can, sometimes they can't.
We will eventually receive a "settlement" and maybe our breadwinner will be able to return to work. Until then, we struggle through Thanksgiving and dread Christmas. (In the gift arena, kids don't understand).
The point: Please be aware that life changes in the blink of an eye.
So, to assure you can receive help if you ever need it, be sure to share anything you can with those charitable organizations so the cycle goes on.
Rest assured, no matter what the amount, part of our settlement will go to help others.
The Bowen Family
Drug policy raises questions
I have a few questions concerning the current school drug policy and the school board.
1. Are all the school board members in favor of the policy?
2. How was the policy formulated?
3. Who picked the committee members and how many were there?
4. Who was in charge of the committee, and how many meetings were there?
5. Who represented the board, and did the board representative attend all the meetings?
6. Did any other board members attend these meetings?
7. When was the policy passed by committee and when was the policy given to the school board?
8. When did the school board adopt policy.
9. Why haven't the drug test already started?
10. Was the 13 pages of amendments that Susan Puckett submitted a means of stalling the policy?
11. How was the drug testing company picked and why was the selected company picked?
12. Is it true that school board rejected a well know company that had impeccable record of testing students only to accept a no name company that had never done this kind of testing?
13. Was the price of selected company better than the quality of rejected company?
14. Was the school board vote unanimous in selecting the company?
15. Who was selected to be in charge of the tests?
16. Shouldn't it be a policy to not inform students when the test will be done?
17. How is it that the students have know for weeks when the tests will begin?
18. Is this a ploy for the students to "clean" out before the tests.
19. Will "blocker" tests be performed on students. Blockers are agents that are taken orally to hide a positive test result.
Being that part of my tax dollars goes to this school, I feel that I and others have the right to ask these questions and to have them answered honestly.
Mike Dowdy
Harry Potter not good for kids
There is another attack being made on America-the power of witchcraft.
The Harry Potter books are nothing more or less than witchcraft manuals for innocent generations of children.
Satan is trying desperately to penetrate the very soul, the very future, of our country-our children.
In school, our children can read and watch Harry Potter. They can not hang the Ten Commandments on the wall as a guide for their life.
Harry Potter is a "chosen" witch who practices witchcraft and is the "hero" of these novels. If you are allowing your child to read Harry Potter, you are opening the door to allow Satan to enter into your child's life.
Charlotte Bradley