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By Staff
Children were the losers
The school year is over, and what did we learn? That you can test positive on the high school baseball team and keep on playing with no punishment and more important, no counseling here.
You can be the superintendent and say that no one had drugs in their system, and then when pressed on the issue, well, yes they did. You can be a high school baseball coach and make a total mockery of city government with your entire baseball team present, harping to the mayor and council about "rumors".
Turned out to be more than rumors. Someone wasn't totally honest here, either.
And, you can be a successful girls softball coach, named in another newspaper's sports section as the coach of the year every year since 1998, go to the state playoffs, win and get fired as the coach.
One coach was not as successful, but a success none the less. He had a tarnished year with a positive drug test of one of his players.
The other coach had a winning state playoff year with no players testing positive for drugs, but gets fired. Hmmm…
The bottom line is this, credibility when working in government Mr. Superintendent, and Mr. Baseball Coach is everything.
The children in Hartselle lost this year.
The wrong messages were implemented. "Just say no" may be said in Hartselle, but it definitely is not practiced.
A confusing year to say the least. For one, I give to those in charge, a major failing grade.
Randy Cavnar
Council was right on school board
This, hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil mentality of all the people involved in this crusade against the city council only reflects the way the world is leaning. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. I bet that you still believe that Clinton did not have sex with that woman. Yeah, right. I wonder how many of you would change your opinion if it were your child? The list of things that this school system has done is longer than the letters to the editors by some of you.
I personally agree with the good people of the city council 100 percent on their stand. Lee Hartsell should go and take Susan Puckett with him.
This is to all the people who are against the city council on this. If your house were to catch fire, would you wait for an hour to call the fire department? If your neighbor's house were to catch fire and they weren't home, would you just sit there and watch it burn and do nothing? Probably so.
In Ecclesiastes the third chapter, the Bible speaks of the times and seasons. It is the right time and the right season for the whole truth to come out concerning the actions of the students, faculty and the school board on this whole mess.
Mike Dowdy
Council was right on school board
By now, everyone in Morgan County has heard about the incident at Hartselle High School involving two students (just read the letters to the editor). But shortly thereafter, another incident took place. Some people started asking questions. The mayor, councilmen-Stoner, Carter and Jones-inquired about what really happened. They directed their questions to the right people-School Superintendent Lee Hartsell and the school board.
Why did this incident take place? Were these students under the influence of some kind of drug? Then the cannon went off. At first there was a denial and then an admission that there was some wrong involvement. In fact, one student tested positive for drugs. If the people in charge had told the truth in the first place, there would have been no controversy. Can people in high positions who live like kings and queens (may I have a crumb) not be questioned in the public sense? Apparently not, because if you start asking questions, you could be in for the biggest rat killing of your life. Four people questioned the school board and they are the ones who we scrutinized. In my humble opinion I think it should be the other way around. God help us from whomever is in charge and cannot be questioned and even debated.
Never let any group ever be able to suppress someone's ideas, questions and feelings on any matter in this city and in this nation. No matter how much we may disagree. This is one of the very distinctions that separate us from terrorists and fanatical societies.
Jimmy Robinson
Coach Pressley deserves more
After reading the article concerning the forced resignation of Hartselle High Lady Tigers Softball Coach Garry Pressley, I felt someone must speak up for not only Coach Pressley, but all hardworking coaches that have had their career ended like this. It is especially disappointing and upsetting to me that a principal can force the resignation of anyone without a specific reason of known justification. Then, when the principal is approached, he declines comment.
As a former athlete at Hartselle High School, I personally played for Coach Pressley in the infancy of his coaching career at Hartselle. While not always agreeing with his coaching techniques, I realized the hard work he demanded prepared me physically and emotionally to play at the collegiate level. Coach Pressley set an example on and off the field, never requiring more of his athletes than of himself. He is not just a successful coach, but a teacher and a respected citizen of Hartselle. Coaches that do not have the kid's best interest at Hartselle, or anywhere, are doing the athletes an injustice by not preparing them for the coaching techniques used at the higher level. Coach Pressley is certainly not one of those coaches.
The Hartselle school system owes the community an explanation. I do not condone inappropriate behavior by anyone whether it is the faculty or the student athlete. However, if Coach Pressley has acted inappropriately in his coaching style or his athletes, the community deserves the right to know. If the facts, not accusations, prove wrongdoing by Coach Pressley, I would be the first in line asking for his resignation. Let his accusers come forward.
Michelle Ward
Publication class thanks sponsors
As sponsor of the Publications Organization at Hartselle High School, I'd like to thank several organizations and members of the community for their support throughout this past school year.
The Hartselle Enquirer has been a wonderful support. They have provided the students with many valuable learning experiences, aside from publishing students' works. Renee Shadden and Editor Leada DeVaney have been wonderful to work with, for they have promoted the group's projects.
In order to publish the school's literary arts magazine, Publications had to raise the funds for printing. Many individuals and merchants donated money so that the project would be successful. I'd like to thank the following businesses and/or individuals for their contributions: Senator Tommy Ed Roberts, Your Beauty Salon, Papa John's Pizza, Russell Forrest Products, Gold Mine Jewelry, SouthTrust Bank, Gilchrist Pharmacy, Howell Electric Service, Terry's Silhouettes, JIT Supplier Mall, Peck Funeral Home, Whitt's Barbeque, Steve and Janice Wolfe, Lil' Mexico, Eddie Preuitt Ford, First American Bank, Kama Salon, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ledbetter, Mrs. Lotta Kilborn, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gray, DCF, All About Me, Country Classics, Slate's Framing, and Creel's Antiques.
The community has been very generous, and I thank you very much for your continued support. If the group can ever be of assistance, please feel free to contact me at the school. Thanks, again, to the contributors.
Jerome Ward