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Red Hots move to top of the Darling league

By Staff
The Dixie Girls softball Darlings moved into the early going of the season with the Red Hots moving toward the top of the league with a win over the Snag-n-Tag.
The Red Hots got off to an 11-6 lead after two, but the SnT battled back to tie the score at 15-15 after four innings. The Red Hots sealed the game with seven runs in the top of the sixth and the SnT managed only two in response.
Red Hots: Arin Eddy 2b, 1b (2); Tori Halbrooks HR (2), 2b, 1b; Kayla Faulk 3b, 2b, 1b (2); Allie Hill 2b, 1b (3); Chelsea Legg 2b, 1b (2); Hannah Echols 2b, 1b (3); Savanne Howard 2b, 1b (3); Jordan Wallace 3b, 1b; Shelby Ray 1b; Haley Grove 1b (2).
Snag-n-Tag: Kayla Coots 1b (3); Amber Hicks HR, 2b; Savannah Holmes 3b, 1b (3); Olivia Golden HR, 2b (2); Sierra Chaney 2b (2), 1b (2); Bailey Bennich 1b (3); Jessica O'Neil 1b (2); Olivia Ellis 1b (3); Riley Wallace 1b; Aubrey Eve 1b.
The Tiger Paws pulled away in the late going of a game that seemed to match run for run during the first two innings.
Tiger Paws: Elizabeth Russell 2b (2), 1b; Emily Nix 2b (2), 1b; Ali Staudt HR (2), 1b; Elizabeth Terry HR, 2b, 1b; Alice Anne Glasgow 3b, 1b; Denise Terry 1b (2); Courtney Eckl 1b (3); Madison Gillette 1b; Heather Waddell 1b (3); Brandi Cobb 1b.
Stars: Haley Patterson 2b, 1b (2); Leah Robinson 3b, 2b, 1b; Breanna Martin 2b, 1b (2); Holland Howard 3b, 1b (2); Jessie Wallace 1b (2); Julia Holladay 2b; Peyton Patterson 2b, 1b; Macie Gassaway 1b; Audry Ann Johns 1b; Haliegh Sharp 1b; Anna Craig 1b.
The Snag-n-Tag got a pair of six-run innings to run away with their contest with the Tiger Paws.
Snag-n-Tag: K. Coots 2b, 1b (2); A. Hicks 1b (2); S. Holmes 1b (3); O. Golden HR, 2b, 1b; S. Chaney 1b (3); O. Ellis 1b; B. Bennich HR, 1b (2); R. Wallace 1b (3); Chelsea Whitlow 1b.
Tigers Paws: E. Russell 1b (2); E. Nix 1b; E. Terry 1b (2); A.A. Glasgow 1b (2); Jessie Thompson 1b; Caroline Chappell 1b.
The Red Hots toasted the Purple Hornets with multiple runs in all four innings. The Hornets managed three in the first and five in the third.
Red Hots: A. Eddy HR, 1b (3); K. Faulk 3b, 2b (2), 1b; A. Hill 2b (2), 1b (2); J. Wallace 2b, 1b; S. Howard 3b, 1b (2), 1r; S. Ray 3b, 1b (3); H. Echols 1b (2); H. Grove 1b (2); Haley Stiles 2b.
Purple Hornets: Sarah Shirley 1b (2); Morgan Whitley 3b, 1b; Katelyn Hill 3b, 2b; Kelly Ramey 2b; Katlyn Kirkham 1b (2); Peyton Reeves 1b; Christi Willingham 1b; Jessica Lewis 1b; Monique Billups 1b.