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Spiritual warfare

By Todd Barrier

Falkville church of Christ

Today we continue in our series based on the book of Jude. So far, we have looked at how we are called to be sanctified and preserved and the idea of being called to contend for the faith. Today we move on to the third part in the series where Christians are “called to be aware.”

Jude has written about false doctrine being taught in the church. The main thing that has infiltrated the church is that God’s authority is being denied because of false teaching. One of the most disturbing things that Jude says is that the men who are hurting the church with false doctrine “crept in unnoticed” (1:4). These types of things had already been written and warned about to the church. Despite this, the church itself had allowed these men to spread lies without even noticing. This happened so close to the time that Jesus was on earth, imagine how far removed we are from the time of Jesus and how if we aren’t aware or vigilant how easy it will be for the same thing to happen to us.

Staying aware of what is being taught and what the Bible says will help us stay on the right path. God tells us what to focus on to stay true to His Word (Phil. 4:8). He also reminds us that there is an enemy out there we must remain vigilant against (1 Peter 5:8). We must remember this is a continuous struggle for souls that we are “contending” for.

Are you being vigilant in the spiritual war we are fighting?