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A. Ray Lee ss

Power of resurrection  

By A. Ray Lee  


Monday after Easter did not seem like new life was emerging.  

The day blew in on the wings of a cold north wind, accompanied by chilling rain showers. Later, however, the sun burst through the clouds, moderating the wind and driving away the rain to reveal the freshly-washed blue sky.  

What began as an extension of a cold and dark winter suddenly blossomed into spring.  

In the afternoon Miss Sophie, my constant canine companion, and I slipped outside and sat on the patio to enjoy the moment.  

The atmosphere was vibrant with signs of life. Tender new leaves on the trees were an assurance that life had been resurrected from the dormancy of winter. All the flowering plants were proudly showing their colors. A cheerful mockingbird provided music to the silent symphony of the plants. 

I sat enthralled watching a hummingbird pulling at a spider web and wondered what of interest she had found. When she flew away with a strand of web and returned again to tug for more, I suddenly understood she was lining a bed with silk for young babies who would soon break the shells in which they were sheltered. 

Wild honeysuckle bushes, which I had transplanted from the woods, were covered with delicate blossoms emitting a sweet aroma. Carpenter bees had been drawn to them and were filling their honey sacs with sweet nectar.  

The signs of life were emerging all around. The dreary dark days of winter had been overcome by the power of spring.  

It is no wonder the church fathers selected a day in early spring on which to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. Easter is all about life.       

Our understanding of the meaning of the resurrection is incomplete, however, if we think of it only as an event in the past completed in those hours when the empty tomb was discovered.  

Ultimately it holds a promise for the future, when the dead in Christ shall rise to meet him in the air. The power of the resurrection has implications for the present.  

Paul stated its power for living an overcoming life. I have often meditated upon the words of his fervent prayer when he cried out: “O that I may know (experience) him and the power of his resurrection.”  

He had already been assured of his victory over death. He must have meant more.  

We can live in the power of the resurrection as we wait for the coming of our Savior. It is a power that lifts us above our sins and failures. Its power can bring joy out of sorrows and heartaches. It is the source of victorious living.  

And to quote the apostle again: “Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Amen!