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Books of the Week Sept. 21 – 25

TitleMacca the Alpaca 

Author: Matt Cosgrove 

Reading level: 2.3 

In this book, Macca is a small Alpaca that loves to give cuddles, chase butterflies and play in mud puddles. Unfortunately, he runs into Harmer, who is a bully, but Macca stands up to him. Macca shows that being the biggest and strongest is not the only way to win. This book is a great way to start a discussion with younger children about bullying.    

Hope to see you soon at the library! Happy reading! 

TitleOrphan Train 

Author: Christina Baker Kline 

From 18541929 an estimated 250,000 orphaned, abandoned and homeless children were transported from United States’ crowded eastern cities to points out west in both the United States and Canada.   This book is a work of fiction based on those historical events.    

Author Christina Baker Kline weaves a fantastic story, bringing together a modern day teenage foster child and an adult who lived through the traumatic experiences of the Orphan Train. Although decades apart, they bond over the same feelings of loss, neglect and unanswered questions. As this story unfolds, Ms. Kline skillfully switches between modern day Maine and Depression-era Minnesota, bringing the history and characters to life.  

Happy reading!