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Heavenly chat on the first Christmas

I hope you find this article entertaining. I do not mean it to be disrespectful or irreverent in anyway. I truly believe my Heavenly Father has a wonderful sense of humor, after all look at the platypus.

Have you ever considered the conversation our Heavenly Father could have had with the angel sent to deliver the wonderful news of Jesus’ birth? Well, in my imagination it went something like this:

God is on his throne in heaven:

God: Angel, come here a minute I have a special job for you.

Angel: Me, Lord? You’re choosing me?

God: Yes, you’ll need to get a host of the other angels together, too.

Angel: Yes, Lord! What’s my assignment?

God: You’re going to go to earth and deliver the news of my Son’s birth. I want…

At this point, the angel begins to glow with excitement. All of the angels have waited a long time to deliver this special news to earth.

Angel (speaking so fast the words are almost running together): Me? You’ve chosen me? Thank you Lord! I promise to do the very best I can! Who do I get to tell? Want me to go to the King? No, No, wait… It’s the Rabbis, isn’t it?! Oh no no…It’s the whole world, you want me to tell the whole world at once? Yes, that’s it! That’s why you want me to get a host of angels together! I’ll get on it right away!

God (patiently looking at his exuberant messenger): Shepherds…. I want you to go tell the shepherds sitting on that little hill just outside Bethlehem.

Angel: They are going to be so excited, Lord … they… wait. Did you say “shepherds” Lord?

God: Yes, I said “shepherds.”

Angel: Shepherds? Lord, I know You know best, but shepherds? Are you serious, Lord? You want the first people on earth to know about Your Son, their Savior, to be shepherds?

God: Yes, that is what I said.

Angel: But why, Lord? Why would you want to tell shepherds? They aren’t very smart, and they are going to want to go see Him. Have you seen them? More importantly, have you smelled them?

God: Yes, I know, but it’s important that the people understand that Jesus is for everyone, even those who are dirty and smelly.

Angel: Yes, Lord. As always, You have the perfect plan. So, what would You like me to tell them?