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By Staff
It's Halloween and kids are busy getting their costumes already and preparing for loads of candy. But they may not be thinking about potential dangers that may encounter during trick-or-treat related festivities.
"Many of the risks children face can be avoided if parents address a few simple safety tips and take a moment to talk to their children about safety before they go out trick-or-treating," said Carol Mysinger, director of Injury Prevention Division, Alabama Department of Public Health.
Mysinger advised parents to tell their children to bring their treats home before eating them. Parents should check the treats to ensure that items have not been tampered with and are safely sealed. Some candy products have a white powdery material or a fine sugar residue on them, but parents should check every piece.
Be careful with fruit. Inspect the surfaces carefully for punctures or holes. Wash it thoroughly and cut it open before allowing a child to eat it.
Throw away any suspicious fruits, candy, toys, novelty items or items small enough to prevent a choking hazard.
To help prevent injuries to children this Halloween, the Alabama Department of Public Health recommends taking the following precautions: