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“Cold Wind”  By Paige Shelton 

Books of the week of May 24

“Cold Wind” 
By Paige Shelton

This is the second book in the Alaska Wild series about thriller author Beth Rivers who has moved to Alaska to hide from her escaped kidnapper. While writing for the local paper, Beth finds herself in the middle of a multiple murder case. It’s the end of October and it’s just starting to get into winter. Beth is keeping busy by going to knitting and self-defense classes.  The detective assigned to her case called to tell her they have the name of her attacker, but he has disappeared.  All she needs to do is fight the bad memories and prepare herself for a showdown. When a body is found close to town, Beth tries to stay out of it until two scared little girls show up at her door. Where did they come from and where do they belong?  She never thought the answer to these questions would become so important to her.   

“Twisted Hate” 
By Ana Huang

Josh Chen and Jules Ambrose keep getting put together because of their best friends. Her bestie is his sister and his best friend is her brother-in-law. However, they can’t stand each other. Josh would rather work multiple night shifts in the emergency room than see her. Jules would rather take a murder defense case than be in the same room as Josh. But, when they are forced to share a room while on vacation, they finally get to see who they are beneath the surface. A little bit of reality and forced proximity is all that these two need to go from enemies to lovers. 

This book is the third book in the Twisted Series by Ana Huang. However, it can be read as a stand-alone. This book contains heavy use of profanity and explicit content. You can find the book at the library or the audiobook on Hoopla.