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Books week of April 19

“A Girl Called Samson”
By Amy Harmon

At a young age Deborah Samson was sent into servanthood. From that moment on she longed for a life full of adventure and freedom. Twenty years later, the American colonies are gearing up to fight for their independence. With a great deal of passion and determination, Deborah is determined to disguise herself as a soldier and enlists in the Continental army. It’s not long before Deborah faces the horror of war head-on. She shows true grit and great patriotism. Deborah fights for her country, her freedom and finding love unexpectantly.

“A Girl Called Samson” is loosely based on a real woman named Deborah, who really did disguise herself as a man. She fought in the American Revolution. After the war, she even received a soldier’s pension. This is an incredible story of a young woman who defies the odds and excels at all that she does. Grab it from the library today.

“The Maidens”
By Alex Michaelides

Mariana knows that Edward Fosca, her niece’s professor, is a murderer. She just can’t prove it. Tara, the girl that was found murdered, was her niece, Zoe’s best friend. Zoe is terrified to talk about what has been going on at school recently. It’s only when another girl is found dead that Zoe opens up about The Maidens. It is a secret group of girls that study Greek Tragedy closely with Professor Fosca – and now they are all being murdered. Mariana tries to tell the police about what she believes about Fosca, but they refuse to listen. Mariana takes it upon herself to find evidence against him, even if that means putting herself in harm’s way. What she finds may shake her to her core.