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Books of the week of April 5

Title: “Good Night, Sister”
By Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt
Illustrator: Lucy Fleming

Kat and Tina are sisters who have always shared a room. When Kat gets her own room, that leaves Tina all alone. Kat is there to show Tina that she now has her own room too. And, Tina gets all of Kat’s stuffed animals. Kat shares the magic and fun Tina will be able to have with her new stuffed friends and in her own room.

This is a sweet book about sisters and the bond they share. The love between family can be hard sometimes, but is the sweetest and best kind of love. A delightful story for young kids. It teaches kids about family, sharing and having a great imagination. Check it out at the library today!

Title: “Thin Ice”
By Paige Shelton

Beth Rivers is running away to a remote town in Alaska to distance herself from the trauma she has just endured – and from the man that took her and hasn’t been found yet. She is a best-selling thriller author who was kidnapped by her “number one fan” and held hostage for three days. She escaped with a severe head injury and very little memory about what happened to her. She is using her unknown real name instead of her famous pen name to hopefully be able to hide. When she gets into town, she finds out that the “hotel” she had booked was in fact a boarding house for felons. While settling in, she hears word that there has just been a murder in town and she has to wonder if it has anything to do with the man that is hunting her. As if this wasn’t enough, Beth is having sharp pains in her head and frightening memory flashes.   Was fleeing to this isolated town the right decision?