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Books of the week of March 8

Title: “Mr. Perfect on Paper”
By Jean Meltzer

From the author of “The Matzah Ball,” comes another fun Jewish rom-com story. Dara, the creator and CEO of J-Mate, a dating app for Jewish ladies and gentlemen, has extremely high anxiety. It’s so bad that she doesn’t date. She can’t cross a bridge or fly in an airplane, or set sail on a boat. She’s a third-generation matchmaker, and is responsible for helping so many people fall in love. Yet, she hasn’t and it’s her Bubbe’s wish to see that come true. When Dara agrees to go on her favorite morning show to promote her business, she ends up agreeing to being set up on dates and televising it. One bad date leads to another and to Dara’s surprise, she starts having feelings for Chris. He’s the anchor of her favorite show and a non-Jew. Will Dara find her perfect match and will he be what she really wants?

A fun love story that shows the real flaws in a person and teaches you that it’s okay to not be perfect. Sometimes perfect isn’t perfect for you. The Jewish culture is strong throughout the whole story and it’s fascinating to learn more about it as these characters find love, and conquer their fears. Snag this book at the library, on Libby or on Hoopla.

Title: “The Final Offer”
By Laura Asher

In the conclusion of the Dreamland Billionaire’s trilogy, Cal Kane finally reads the letter of inheritance from his grandfather. In the letter, Cal is tasked with selling the Kane family lake house before the end of summer when the board will vote in a new CEO. Cal has been avoiding the house and letter because they remind him of how unsuccessful he is and why he became an alcoholic. He can’t escape the past if he returns. Upon returning, Cal finds out his grandfather left half of the house’s shares to his ex-girlfriend Alana and her daughter. Cal will have to get her permission to sell the house and that task won’t be easy. Alana won’t sell unless the payout is high enough and she won’t tolerate Cal’s existence unless he gets help with his addiction problem. The journey to recovery and love will be long and difficult for Cal Kane. But he is up for the challenge.

This book is a great blend of rom-com and reality. Cal and Alana’s struggles are relatable and deepen the story to be more than just a comedy. The book can be found at the library.