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Books week of August 10

Title: “Talk Bookish to Me” 
Author: Kate Bromley

Kara Sullivan is a romance novelist and “bookstagrammer.” She loves falling in love. She just does it through her fictional characters that she reads and writes about. Now, Kara’s best friend is getting married and she is inching close to her book deadline and is at a complete stand still. That is, until her past comes waltzing in the room. Kara’s old college boyfriend turns out to be one of the groomsmen and childhood friend of the groom. After one small run in with Ryan, Kara’s dry writing spell is no more.  

Ryan Thompson never quite understood what happened between him and Kara all those years ago. Now, he has a chance to find out. His torch for her has been burning since their college days. He sees a second chance and grabs it.  

This fun second chance romance takes you on a roller coaster of a ride. The way Kate Bromley writes, she makes you fret over whether or not there will ever be a happy ending for these very flawed and beloved characters. You can read Kara and Ryan’s story on Hoopla using your library card.  

Book: “The Last Cuentista” 
Author: Donna Barba Higuera

Petra Pena just wants to be a storyteller like her beloved abuelita. However, the world is about to end because Hailey’s Comet was knocked off course. Since becoming aware of the Earth’s impending doom, humans have created ships that will transport them to another planet that is similar enough to Earth for humans to survive. It will just take over 300 years to get there. Petra’s family is chosen to be one of the very few families who will be put in stasis for the 300 years to rebuild Earth on the new planet. But, trouble is lurking. A secret faction of people have infiltrated the spaceships command and are determined to not remake the Earth. They want to make a utopia where everyone is the same. It’s up to Petra alone to stop them. 

This juvenile book is perfect for readers who love The Hunger Games and Divergent. This book mixes the genres family, thriller and science fiction. You can find this book on Hoopla.