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Are you keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus?

By Todd Barrier

At our congregation during the summer months, we have what we call round table discussions on Wednesday nights. We gather around tables together and talk about questions that Jesus asked. Recently one of the questions came from the time Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem when His parents had left to go home and didn’t know where He was.

Essentially, as our table leader said, they lost sight of Jesus. The thought then moved from the question we were focusing on that night to a new one, “How do we lose sight of Jesus Now?”

It seems we lose sight of Jesus and His mission often. What causes this? I suppose there are many reasons from person to person. I’ll list a few along with some Bible verses that can help us overcome each one. Worry (Matthew 6:25-34), worldliness (1 John 5:4-5), tough times (John 16:25-33) and fear (Psalm 91:1-16) are just a few.

If something is causing us to lose sight of Jesus, His Word can always help us bring Him back into focus. Are you keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus?