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Title: “Beach Read” Author: Emily Henry

Books of the week July 13

Title: “Book of Night”
Author: Holly Black

Holly Black’s adult debut novel follows Charlie Hall as she tries to turn away from a life of crime and deception. However, it isn’t going to be easy. In her world, people’s shadows are an extension of their physical self. This extension makes your shadow vulnerable to magic. Magic users can seriously harm people physically, financially, mentally and emotionally through their shadows. Charlie is one the Gloamist’s thieves that steals items to aid in harming people’s shadows. So, when Charlie decides to turn her back on them, they are determined to make her regret it.

This new book by Holly Black is full of mystery, suspense, supernatural elements and shadow thieves. Check this book out from the library and on the Libby app.

Title: “Beach Read”
Author: Emily Henry

January Andrews is a best-selling romance author. Augustus (Gus) Everett is a literary fiction author. The two briefly knew each other in college. Fast forward years later, they end up being neighbors for the summer. They have nothing in common except that they are both writers and experiencing writers’ block. To shake things up, Gus and January make a wager to see who can sell their next book first. To make things interesting, they are stepping out of their comfort zones and writing in each other’s chosen genre. Who will finish their book first? Who will sell their book first and win the bet?

“Beach Read” is a light and fun read. You get to really peel back the layers of these main characters and find out what makes them tick. You will watch them grow as people and see them fall in love. You can stop by the library to get a copy or find it on the reading app Libby.