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Op-ed: Biden and His War on Women

By Rep. Scott Stadthagen

Last week, I watched in disgust as President Biden vowed to expand Title IX to include biological males in female sports under the label of “transgender acceptance.” The truth is that Biden is not attempting to expand Title IX, he is launching a war to destroy it.

For nearly 50 years, the participation in women’s sports has increased exponentially, largely due to Title IX. Female athletes are now competing at the professional level in basketball, golf and soccer, just to name a few. Thousands of female athletes are receiving a college education as the result of athletic scholarships. All of these opportunities will be harmed by any edict mandating that biological men, posing as women, be allowed to compete in women’s sports.

These men will rob female athletes, not only of victories, but of scholarship opportunities. The number of girls who will be unable to pursue a college education due to being “beaten out” by a biological male posing as a female is yet unknown, but it will happen if Biden gets his way.

Last year, I sponsored and passed legislation to protect the integrity of women’s athletics in Alabama. The bill, which was signed by the Governor and is now law in our state prohibits the intrusion of biological males in women’s sports. In Alabama, we are doing everything possible to protect women’s rights from a Democrat Party and a Presidential Administration that seems hell-bent on ending fair competition in women’s sports. In Alabama, we will fight to ensure that doesn’t happen and I am ready to take on that fight for my daughter, my constituents and for the love of sports.