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Books of the week of July 6

Title: “Book Lovers” 
Author: Emily Henry 
Audience: Adult

Nora Stephens, a.k.a. the Shark, is the most dedicated and cutthroat literary agent any writer can have. Do you need a pep talk to write the next 50 pages of your novel? Or do you need someone to tell you that you aren’t a horrible writer that should retire at the ripe old age of 25? Whatever you ask of her, she will do it. However, attending to her clients all of the time has resulted in her having nothing fulfilling for herself. When her sister begs her to get away by vacationing in small town America, Nora sees the writing on the wall. Her sister wants her to forget New York City and fall in love with a small town, marry a pig farmer and have children. Although, that is the last thing Nora wants to do. She is not the type of girl that loves rom-coms or dreams of a happily ever after. She is a realist and realist don’t believe in dreams. At least until you’re stuck working with your arch nemesis who might just prove everything you thought wrong. 

   This new book by Emily Henry is the perfect summer read. The book is the perfect blend of comedy, romance and seriousness. Nora’s struggle to see any beauty after tragedy is a struggle that many people face. This realistic element makes the book relatable despite being fiction. You can find this book at the library and on the Libby app. 

Title: “Reminders of Him” 
Author: Colleen Hoover

In Hoover’s newest release, Kenna is out of prison after serving a five-year sentence for a terrible accident.  She didn’t mean to kill Scotty – but no one believes that. They only believe the worst about her because she was silent in court.  Shock can sometimes seem like indifference.  Kenna is fine with going to prison – she welcomes it even.  Then she finds out a little too late that she is pregnant and the baby will be given to Scotty’s parents.  Kenna is relieved that Diem, her daughter, will be in good hands, but will they allow her to see Diem once she is out?  On her first day back in town, she meets a man who is oddly familiar. Once she realizes who he is and he barely recognizes her from her mug shot, they have a hard time deciding if they are on the same side.  Ledger is Scotty’s best friend; he can’t be friends with his murderer.  But the more he gets to know her, the more he sees her as someone trying to recover from a horrible mistake rather than the cold-hearted girl they all assumed her to be.  Can Kenna change the minds of the people that matter so she can see her daughter or will she have to move on without her forever?