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Hartselle Enquirer

Is your word your bond?  

By Todd Barrier  

We’ve probably all heard the old saying “let your word be your bond.” In the world we live in that used to be enough: a handshake and your word were all someone needed to believe you, make a deal or make plans for the future. These days, that’s often just not enough. Contracts are proof we will have pages and pages of documents to make sure we do what we say we will do. Somewhere along the way people’s words became less important to some and we stopped trusting each other. As a Christian our word must be our bond. We are told that lying is a sin (Prov. 12:22.) We are also told to let our yes be our yes and our no be our no, anything more is from the evil one (Matthew 5:37.) So, the Bible is clear, even though we live in a time where trustworthiness is not common, we are called to be people of our word. Is your word your bond?