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Title: “Nana Loves You More”  Author: Jimmy Fallon 

Books of the week of June 8

Title: “Go Back to Sleep” 
Author: Zoe Foster Blake

Finn just wants to get some sleep, but his parents are always waking him up for different things they need. Mommy comes and ask him to get her water bottle that fell in the floor and daddy wants to sleep with him after a nightmare. They might even wake up the baby! That would mean Finn would have to also put her back to sleep. Why can’t his parents let him get a good night’s sleep? 

This new children’s book is a reversal of the child waking parents up for the oddest things. The child is the one getting woken up for the oddest request and not getting to go back to sleep. This book is perfect for reading with children who will find the parents antics hilarious. 

Title: “Nana Loves You More” 
Author: Jimmy Fallon

How much do you love Nana? Do you love her more than your favorite ice cream? Do you love her to the moon and back? Well, Nana loves you more. Nana loves you more than the moon, stars and galaxy combined. Nana loves you more than you could ever imagine. 

This new book by Jimmy Fallon is the perfect story to read aloud to children from their Nana. It pairs well with the other books by Jimmy Fallon that focus on Mama and Dada. You can find this book at the library.