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With what are you filling your head? 

By Todd Barrier  

The other day my daughter and I were on a long road trip together. On the way, we decided to have a contest. She would play a song from the 90s and I would have to name the song and artist. Not only was I able to do it about 95% of the time, I was also able to sing the lyrics. She was pretty impressed, but made the remark that I had “a lot of useless information in my head.” I was preaching later that day and a point in my sermon was that we have to “know our subject” if we are going to teach people the gospel of Christ.  

In 2 Peter 3:18 we are told to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s easy to remember songs and lyrics as we fill our head with worldly things. How diligently are we filling our minds with Godly things so we are able to tell people about the saving gospel of Jesus? With what are you filling your head?