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Title: “Before She Was Found”  Author: Heather Gudenkauf 

Books of the week May 18

Title: “The Aristokittens: Welcome to the Creature Café” 
Author: Jennifer Castle

Go back to the world of Aristocats with this new juvenile chapter book called The Aristokittens. This book follows kittens Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz as they come across an abandoned animal bakery. After learning about the glorious past of the bakery, the decide to reopen it. But these kitten siblings don’t always get along or agree. Can they learn to work together and open the bakery? 

This new chapter book series is perfect for younger readers who love great animal stories that have hijinks and lots of laughter. Come check this book out from the Library either inside or digitally through Hoopla! 

Title: “Before She Was Found” 
Author: Heather Gudenkauf

 Three twelve-year-old girls, Cora, Violet and Jordyn, are together for a sleep over at the beginning of spring break.  What started out as a normal sleepover turns into the worst night of their lives when they decide to sneak out at midnight to the abandoned rail yard.  It was all supposed to be fun- looking for Joseph Wither, local urban legend, who supposedly draws young girls out and kidnaps them.  But they won’t let an urban legend keep them from having the best time.   

Sirens blare and parents are called when a woman walking her dog finds a little girl on the tracks-half dead.  It’s Cora, and her friends are nowhere to be found.  At least, until Violet comes walking up out of the tall grass with a blank look in her eyes, covered in blood and carrying a knife.  Jordyn is found hours later at her grandfather’s bar and she isn’t talking.  What happened at the rail yard and who is responsible may shock you.