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Books of the week of April 27

Title: “Hitting the Books” 
Author: Jenn McKinlay

This is a cozy mystery. It is in the middle of a series but can be read as a standalone story.   

Library director Lindsey Norris is drawn into a hit-and-run case when library materials are found in the car. The victim, Theresa Huston, survives, only to be targeted again while recovering from her injuries of the hit-and-run.  

Lindsey has to track down who borrowed the materials to give the police a lead – but the results are deceiving. Before she has a chance to investigate further, shots ring out on the street outside the library.   

Before she knows it, Lindsey and her boyfriend are following the shooter into the middle of nowhere with no plan but to find out who it is. Will Lindsey be the next victim?   

This light, enjoyable read is available in print at the WBH Library, as an audiobook on Hoopla and an Ebook on the Libby app. 

Title: “Pretty Perfect Kitty Corn” 
Author: Shannon Hale 
Illustrator: Leuyen Pham 
Reading Level: 4-8-year-olds

Everyone thinks Unicorn is great and wonderful and can do no wrong. All of his friends think he’s perfect. And so, Unicorn does his best to maintain his perfection.  

When Unicorn has an imperfection and all his friends point it out, Unicorn gets upset and worried about what his friends think of him.  

Kitty shows Unicorn it’s OK to be imperfect. She’s still his friend and loves him.  

If you liked the “Itty Bitty Kitty-Corn” book, you’ll definitely enjoy this next installment. This book teaches readers it’s OK to embrace our imperfections and flaws. You learn about true friendship and empathy for others. Stop by the library to check out this new addition to the collection.